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With literally 10's of thousands of visitors a day coming to our website, Drum Bum is practically a household name among drummers. Not only is the owner a 30 year veteran drummer but we have been selling kid's drumsets for 10 of those years. If you have a question about drums, drum accessories, kids drumsets or child's percussion, we can help. Simply call toll free toy drums

kids drum sets
Kids Drumsets bring smiles to children's faces. Drums are an exciting instrument to play, especially for those kids that are demonstrating a natural sense of rhythm.
Enjoy our selection of kids drumsets.

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kids drumsets

Getting Started

Ok, so you've decided that your little drummer boy or girl needs a drumset. What do you do next? Simply figure out what type of kids drumset they need. Will they need a toy type of drumset (little 3 piece drums), a scaled down pro model kids drumset (made to fit younger kids that would have trouble reaching the pedals on larger drumsets) or a full size 5 piece drumset? Head to our Drums section and see our selection of each of these types of kids drumsets.

Kids Drumsets

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